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Salt lamp on, hectic and stress out!

Himalayan Glow 1002 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp (8-11 lbs)

Only once is every salt crystal lamp exactly in the shape with exactly this grain and in this color. Why this is so is easily explained. It’s about a natural product, the end Salt mines of Central Asia is won. And not only that makes the orange – sometimes in …

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Noble understatement and optics pure by recessed spotlights and downlights

Downlights VS Spotlights tell the difference in the form comics

Beautiful lights are by themselves artistic objects that attract attention and attract admiring glances. However, there are often design requirements that simply require the pure rays of pure light – without the visual presence of the light. That’s the hour of recessed downlights and downlights. Recessed spotlights and downlights blend …

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Glass pendant lights

Glass Pendant Lights | Clear & Blown Glass Pendants - Shades of Light

So much more than a transparent sphere! Who at Pendant lights with glass lampshades Thinking about something fragile, although it is right in the industry, but ignores it Value for the institution, Because glass pendant lights are simple elegant, fantastic beautiful – and bright! Because with many pendant lights made …

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Wall lights

Modern Wall Light 8W White LED Sconce Up Down Wall Lamp Aluminium

If opulent designs – a là Lüster – do not play a major role as a guaranteed eye-catcher, recessed wall lights could be your thing. They are purely visually the exact opposite, but offer many convincing advantages. Wall people: are true space saver – They close almost flush with the …

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Why LED desk lamps are the first choice for home and office

LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Level Brightness Adjustable, Soft Touch

When your desk work is burning your eyes and headaches, a desk lamp is usually missing. You know that? Then perhaps you are just about to decide which desk lamp makes your work a bit easier. Our tip: Take it once modern LED desk lamps in the eye. How much …

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Wall lamps made of wood – Cozy natural feeling

Modern Japanese Style Led Lamp Oak wooden Wall Lamp Lights Sconce

Most beautiful light she can give it. No matter if alone or in a small group. And of course look chic, no question. But not somehow. But thanks to the material Wood always nice and beautiful in their very own way Naturally, And this, no matter in which design she …

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Origin of the Florentine wall lamps

Rare 70s great Hans Kögl Florentine brass wall lamp by RetroRaum

The Florentine wall lamps, decorated with flower and leaf ornaments, are inspired by traditional Florentine handicrafts, in which the lily, which has been the symbol of the city of Florence since the Middle Ages, was symbolically depicted. The Florentine wall lamps of today still adorn flowers and leaves, there are …

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A designer wall light as a work of art

Postmodern Retro Wall Lamp Engineering wall light Model Designer

A designer wall light is more than a light source. It is a work of art that creates a space as well as a picture. A designer wall light structures the wall in two ways: through the lamp body and through the light that emits it. Ideally, a designer wall …

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Wooden floor lamps – shining natural feeling

Finn Turned Wood Floor Lamp Base | Pottery Barn

You see They see chic no matter in which style and in which design. They can really be put into operation without any technical knowledge – the socket Thank you. And they truly give every space we wish, beautiful, relaxing light and this very special comfort and coziness. Who is …

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Furniture lamps

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Mair Poly Table Lamps - Set of 2

Let there be light in the cupboard – with furniture recessed lights Finally, hold the lost sock in your hands! That’s what you want? Then come with recessed lights to your destination one step closer. Seriously, furniture recessed lights illuminate wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves, chests of drawers and showcases. And very …

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